A morning stroll while the car was in the garage.

I started off here, a lovely Autumn scene, the birds were singing

but playing hide and seek, i saw a long tailed tit. and a robin, and

a great tit and none of these stayed in one place for a second.

But this lovely Blackbird posed for me.

I Picked the car up and onto new pastures and saw this little group

of greylags.

And this beautiful Swan

And a mallard asking to clear the runway

Two cattle Egrets passing the time of day

A cormorant on his way after his breakfast.

A shoveler i believe, tell me if i am wrong, not a great photo

he was a long way away.

And a few mallards having a get together

  • Looks like a nice morning for your walk ILR, lots to see. Hope the car was just a regular service or MOT and nothing serious.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • In reply to Catlady:

    Hi Catlady it was a nice morning although it was forecast to rain at 2pm, I got back to the car at 2pm and they were right at 2pm it started to rain. The car was in for its MOT and it passed thankfully. I suppose the highlight of the day were the Cattle Egrets, shame they were a long way away to photograph and the photo of them is not great, but it was nice to see them regardless.
  • Looks like a nice bright rainless walk ILR, its always a relief when your car passes its MOT. your duck is a Shoveller and great to see the Cattle Egrets. So they have avoided me in this country but seen them elsewhere.



  • In reply to tony:

    Hi Tony, Another success with my ID I thought it was a Shoveler so thank you for confirming. Yes I was well pleased to see the Cattle Egrets even though they were a long way away and my first photo of them. And yes it was a relief the car passed its MOT. The weather is Rubbish today its, rained all day.

  • Lovely photos, ILR. What part of the country are you in, please? Egrets of any sort are wonderful to see.

    Kind regards, 


  • In reply to Gardenbirder:

    Hello Ann, I agree, I have yet to photograph one flying, mind you it was only last week that i managed to photo a grey Heron in flight, so the first opportunity I get I shall post on here. In answer to your question, Yorkshire.