After painting the fence it was nice to be out and about again

  • Lovely selection ILR....I'm going to have to go on a stonechat hunt now, seeing yours reminds me I've not seen one in an age lol
  • Looks like it was a lovely day out aswell ILR...lovely shots

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • looks like you had a nice sunny day out and came back with lovely sightings and photos; good to put the chores to one side and take advantage of this current weather. Stonechats are always a delight to see along with the herons and Lapwing; well done catching the dragonfly in flight, not easy as they whizz around ! thinking it is a male Migrant Hawker but will leave the ID to others !


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

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    The stonechat was posing for me for ages it just seemed content passing the day, then the reed bunting joined it and I got two for the price of one Lol
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    Thanks Linda, I only went for the afternoon but it was a lovely day and I was quite pleased with what I saw, It was nice to get away from painting the fence, at least it’s done now and I can get out again.
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    Thank you Hazel
    Yes it was a lovely day although I only went for the afternoon I was pleased with what I saw and with the chores done I am free to get out again. I bought a field guide on dragonflies and one on butterflies and another bird book while I was at it. I think your right with your ID on the migrant hawker. I hope to do more macro photography in the future it’s fascinating seeing all the detail I shall keep practicing.
  • Love the Stonechats, a bird I get very rarely locally.

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    If you are ever in Yorkshire Alan visit St Aidan's nature reserve RSPB site they can be seen regularly
  • It's a place on my list to visit ILR I'm just outside of Sheffield so not too far away from me.

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    Great Alan well worth a visit