So many young birds at the feeder this morning.

The feeder has been so busy this morning, all the youngsters have turned up.

If you would like to see some more here's a link to my Flickr

Hope you enjoy as much as I have done watching and taking them.

  • Its always a thrill to see the youngsters mitnickuk.
    Nice pics

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Thanks Linda, it definitely is.  Lovely to see them all this week after watching their parents come and go the last couple of months!

    The blue tit chick turned up with it's long-tailed tit friends, and I managed to snap a few more so thought I would add a couple just because it's so adorable.  I'm sure that the blue tit has been hanging around with the long-tailed tits since leaving the nest, I've only ever seen it 3 or 4 times and every time it was with the long-tails.

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    Oh how nice...I haven't seen many LTTs lately...It is lovely to see the young appear after the adults have been helping themselves to the food we provide...its the least they can do lol
    We have a thread full of babies that you can add to if you wish

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • It sure is, I was hoping to see them as I've been watching the parents come and go so its been a nice end to the last few months. I have been watching the great tit try to figure put feeder etiquette before and get into a barny with one of the adult blue tits. It also doesn't seek to quite have the knack of peanuts yet and keeps dropping them. Its been great watching how different it acts compared to the parents, and its been a joy watching them all come go over the months.

    Thanks for the link, I should really look around a little more on here and i will definitely add a few contributions to the thread.
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    As they are so young they probably havent experienced peanuts yet as they will have been fed on insects and seeds. we do try and avoud putting out loose whole peanuts at this time incase the little ones choke on them. I still have some young ones squeeking away to be fed by the adults but mostly all self efficient now although one did get stuck in the fat ball feeder yesterday but thankfully managed to get out again!

    Once you start looking around on here it may become addictive! , but it is great to see what others see too

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Hi Mitnickuk, Nice assortment i noticed a lot of young birds myself this morning, green finches, blue tits, Robins, sparrows
    so what i should have done was get my camera out and take some photos like you, however i did take three photos this afternoon. Lovely photos

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    I've only seen chaffinches here from a distance in the trees a few times in the last few months. I've put a feeder out for them but I'm yet to see any. I've kept my camera to hand during lockdown why I work so its been great to grab some snaps, I'd love to see yours too!

    I've been watching the young nuthatches a lot this week. They seem to be starting to get that chestnut colouring a little now an have recently found the seeds in the feeder. They've now taken it upon themselves to gorge on the seeds, and one of them has decided to throw the peanuts out of the feeder! They are hungry little things and go through the same amount of food their parents would in a week within a day!
  • It strange i have never seen a chaffinch or a nuthatch in my garden, even though i had put peanuts in one of my feeders. Having said that i hadn't seen a green finch until i put sunflower hearts and seed in my feeders. i suppose it is to do with your locality..
  • Yes I was thinking that, there are a lot of mature trees here so I think that explains the nuhatches. They love the sunflower hearts and it's definitely the youngest birds food of choice this last week. Here's a snap from the other day when I caught it dumping the peanuts!

    I also noticed that the young nuthatches don't seem to be at all bothered by me being around, they seem pretty ballsy birds!