Just a lovely little greenfinch posing waiting for his turn at the feeders! Never seen these before so was a welcome site.

  • Yes after ages not seeing any a lone one appeared last week and comes daily, I did read that they are scarce because of a disease

    isn't wild wonderful

  • I had four green finch for the first time in my garden on Saturday and i saw another one today i think its the change of the feed i have been using ? i cleaned out my feeders last week and filled them with sunflower hearts and sunflower seeds. Nice photo.
  • In reply to i love robins:

    Its good to be seeing them. Not sure, could be. I've seen a few in the past month or so and never seen any before that.

  • I posted on another thread a few days ago that there seems to be more greenfinches around this year. I don't feed birds routinely so in my example, the more sightings aren't to do with change of birdfood.
    I am wondering if some UK greenfinches migrate as many Summer migrants are more numerous this year, presumably due to Covid disrupting the southern Europe slaughter this Spring.
  • Whatever the reason they are a lovely addition to add to the variety of birds that already visit our gardens, and long may it continue to help lift our spirits at this time.