Looking for bird watchers diary


New to bird watching/photography and looking to see if there are any photo journals for say a given country which has a cartoon/picture of the bird and space for your own photos in the opposite leaf? No idea what these are called. 

Willing to also have a recommendations for a brand of "local birds and where to sight" book or else failing.



  • Greetings-

    The traditional way to get information is join the County Bird club and go on their outdoor meetings:
    However virtually every county has a 'Where to watch birds' guide book or website giving similar details.

    What county are you interested in?


    For advice about Birding, Identification,field guides,  binoculars, scopes, tripods,  etc - put 'Birding Tips'   into the search box

  • Hi Seymouraves,

    Thanks for that.
    So did a search on county clubs and herts bird club came up (www.hnhs.org/.../home). I live in Barnet (north London).