Favourite Photo Sites

Hey Guys,

I am new to the online photography world, Please delete if this post is not allowed (Admin)

I was wondering what your favourite sites were to view wildlife/nature/landscape photography.



  • Hi Alan and welcome to the Forum, we are easy going on here as you will find out and just like to see and comment on all the photos that people put on, be it bird life or general wildlife, landscapes or sunsets etc. So go ahead and post a few of your photos and you will soon get started.

    Lot to learn

  • I'll second Gaynor's reply.

    I'm not sure if you mean online websites, or something else. What I will say is, many on the forum will post their photos, (and fabulous photos indeed from all), on various photo sites, probably the most popular one is Flickr.

    There are others, Photobucket, Instagram, Google Photos and many more.

    One or two use hosted blogging sites, the two most notable ones are Wordpress and Google's Blogger.

    Look in the signatures of those who post, many include a link to their photo pages, and all well worth a peruse.

    Also, there are some very able photographers, who will happily share tips and tricks, one particular contributor is Whistling Joe, who has a series of informative posts, and probably the most notable is his "Getting Off Auto"

    Have a look around and enjoy.


    Flickr Peak Rambler

  • Hello Alan. I am also a person who likes to watch birds through pictures like you.
    In fact, I have been surfing a lot of different forums with the desire to find a site that can comfortably view them.
    However, I realized that no website is really enough. The best part is the photo sharing forum. Like the forum you and I are using. Do you like the photos above, I have found quite a lot of beautiful photos. I would be happy if you care about it, and I will share it for you.