Pheasants for pets

3 years ago I gained the trust of one Male and 2 females who often passed through my garden. They nested and bought the babies to feed who nested and brought their children etc...... now I have a brood!!!! I love them I have 3 visiting males and 9 females that visit every day.

I even made arrangements for them to be fed whilst away for 2 weeks so I have hit crazy bird lady status for 2020.

I'm sure 1 Male is actually 3 years old. 2 are last years babies and much ssmaller. Just sharing as they make me smile as do all the other smaller birds that visit. 

  • Hi Tracy, I also have a visiting group of pheasants. At one point we had 12! Just now we have 2 males and 5 females that come, mostly we will see some in a day. One male came visiting and became so friendly he would come running when I shook the food bowl, would hand feed and even came into the garage when I was getting the corn  from the bag. They are nice to have around, good job the mixed grain is only around £9 for a 20kg bag! Enjoy them.

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  • Tracy Brient said:
    I have hit crazy bird lady status for 2020.

    Well, it's nice to get off to a good start for the year. Keep it up


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