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I'm Cari and new to the discussion area here. I live in an amazing area in the Scottish countryside and as someone who moved from California to Aberdeenshire, Scotland, I've used my passion for photography to distract me everything from homesickness to having to give up work to care for our dog who became blind about four years before we lost him about a year ago. 

I'd like to share photos, maybe post photos to get help in identification as much of the wildlife, especially birds, are quite different from Los Angeles. Can't tell you how often I've mistakenly identified one finch for another :) 

Just unsure if there's a photo area. I love to look at photos, ask questions, and identify unknown birds in my garden. 

Very grateful


  • Hi Again Cari (just commented on your other thread).
    Yu have come to the right place if you like taking photos most of us on here like to see what other people are seeing in their area or on holiday.
    As for posting photos in any particular area if you look on the right hand side of the community homepage you will see a list of the most popular forums we usually use.

    to be honest everyone is fairly relaxed about where to post so if you get it wrong don't worry, posting photos can also be a bit tricky at first with the layout os the software so if you want help just shout someone will be able to help you.

    ps there are a few American cousins on here some in the Loch Garten Osprey group and Ann (Gardenbirder) who flits all over the forums LOL.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Thanks Alan,

    I saw the different posts but wasn't sure if they were specific to people and had to create a new post instead of just looking and sharing and getting identification advice.

    Thanks sooo much :)
  • Yep if for example you want something ID,ing just go into Identify this https://community.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/f/identify-this click on new (right hand side) and start your own thread.

    To post photos look for the insert option, then insert image/video file, then top box of the drop down menu you want file upload.

    Then browse your PC files for the photo you want, in the lower boxes you should see some dimensions, if you leave them at default the photos come out small, I put 650 in the first box and leave the second box blank.

    If you want to practice here click the Use rich formatting link under any reply box and that will take you to the full text editor.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    I'm glad the posts are relaxed about photo posting and where. Some wildlife groups or charities, some charities are very rigid about where things are posted, where questions are asked. That's a relief. I've been a charity donation regular with RSPB for years. It's nice to interact with others.

  • You will very rarely see a Mod from the RSPB on here they are very short staffed doing normal work so we are left to ourselves, you may find if you post in the wrong place they will move your thread to the right area if they have time to look in on us.

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  • Hi Cari, welcome from another Scottsh person in Catihness, up at the very top of Scotland. Nice part of the country Aberdeen- shire and surrounding countryside. As Alan says we are a very relaxed group and there will always be someone around to help out. It is always nice to read and see what others have in their own gardens, area and holiday snaps. Hope you enjoy here.

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  • Carrie, just to say that your private email is showing in your profile, you may want to delete that, so as not to be pestered with unwanted emails. Just go into your details by clicking on your picture, top right, then profile, you should be able to delete it. It will show when you go into settings, but that is for RSPB to contact you, it is not for public use and only you will see it in your settings, no one else will. Just trying to help.

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