Technology advice please!

My 6 year old would like for Christmas a type of camera for outside in the garden that would capture images/video of wildlife, not specifically birds. Our house backs onto fields and we have quite an array of things visit. However i am absolutely clueless and am looking for any help i can get really, ie. is there such a thing, what's it called, what's a good one to get for absolute beginners (both of us!) Thank you in advance. 

  • You're after a Trail Camera - it will take short film clips or still images when the motion sensor is triggered. Leave it strapped to a tree for a couple of days, then plug its memory card into your PC and see what you've got. I can't recommend any from personal experience, though Bushnell ones generally seem popular - it may depend a lot on your budget


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  • Hi AmyLouise

    I have a trail camera and love it, you can get some for every type of budget and spend what you can afford.

    This is an example of the videos it takes at night.