Peregrine chicks - age?

HI all,

No feeding activity while I was out today but I did manage to capture the two chicks on our local nest, using the new camera setup.

Canon EOS 7D Mk2, 1,4x extender, sigma 150-600mm lens - effective 840mm on this shot; the nest is 53 metres away...

They have to be about 2 weeks old now - anyone able to age them better than that?  They are starting to lose the down on the wings and around the side of the head.

How long until they fledge?  We want to make sure they're undisturbed but there are works planned nearby at the end of June...

Many thanks to Bobs_still_retired and Whistling_Joe for help with the camera settings.


  • Hi Pippa well done on the new gear it must be lovely to be able to see them in a natural setting.
    They will fledge anywhere from 35 to 42 days old, but they are protected birds so anyone intending to carry out work before they fledge needs to be made aware of them if they don't already know.

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  • Thanks Alan, sounds like timing could be tight! We've already put the work back a week, but we'll be keeping a regular eye on them as they grow and will put the work back again if necessary.

    They don't seem bothered by the normal comings and goings at the site, but the work involves more people moving about with power tools, so we don't want to impact them and will reschedule if they haven't fledged.
  • If they are tolerant of people being there on a regular basis they probably wont mind the extra noise if they are anything like the urban Peregrines, the ones I go up to see in Sheffield are on the Emergency services route to a hospital and there are building works next door to the church and they seem to cope with the noise well, but they have been brought up with the noise where yours probably haven't to that extent.
    You should get some nice in flight shots of them when they fledge, if you are there on a regular basis you will need to keep an eye on them when it comes to fledging they can sometimes get grounded on their first flight.

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