Tonight's Moon 2019; share your photos here

The previous topic thread that many of us partook in was Tonight's Moon 2018, started I think by Paul A.

There have been a few threads about the moon, and hopefully I'm not treading on anyone's feet here, I thought it would be a good idea to start one off for 2019.

Ok, the following photo wasn't quite tonight's (it's not even sunset here as I type) or last nights, nor was it a full moon, though close enough considering the cloud we had at the time of the February 2019 Snow Moon. It was a morning moon and considering the exceptional cloud cover leading up to, during and after the Snow Moon, was my first opportunity to get a decent photo.

Why was it called a "Snow Moon"?

Typically around mid-February Britain has probably the most prolific snow falls of the winter. But not always.

Digressing, ancient man used to rely on the moon around the seasons for hunting and planting, and some farmers I used to know many years (ok, I'll come clean, decades) ago, tendered their crops around the moon.

If you're not convinced, there is a book available every year called "Gardening by the moon".

Back to the moon photo, not only did I manage to get a decent photo, considering the cloud that was still around at the time, the moon shone brilliantly through and I even managed to get some wisps of cloud that even look a little like cloud!

I managed to get a pic of the moon Thurs 21 Feb at 05:25, before departing for work.


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