RSPB Middleton Lakes 17 Feb 2019

Back to my local haunt, Middleton Lakes for a wander, and apart from the usual herons, coots, swans, shovellers, it was generally quiet, but I did see my first Egyptian Geese, two pairs.

Here's a few photos from Sunday's wander.

Herons busy nest building

Reed Bunting

Swan taking flight

Mr & Mrs Shovellor

Tufted Drake; he was on a mission, swimming quite fast....

And here was his desire, Mrs Tufted

My first Egyptian Geese


And finally, at the end of the day, the sun was almost in the right place, so I thought I'd try a silhouette pic of herons and their nests.

The full set can be seen in the RSPB Middleton Lakes album


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