• Oh I dunno, I see more bitterns than kingfishers :-) Always great when they come out like that though, well done


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  • LOL WJ !! the Minsmere Bitterns appear to be as confiding as the Water Rails at Leighton Moss !!


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Very nice Phil, been trying for a shot like this for years and still don't have it :( well done.


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  • Thanks Jim
    Beginning to realise that there’s a lot of luck in this subject, I like to photograph aircraft and motorcycles but thery are so much easier in as much as they congregate at set events. I spotted a Kestrel in our lane recently, walked down to photograph it, it wasn’t there , came back sat down and it swooped on the birds on the feeder...... keep your Camera at the ready is my new motto

    Cheers Phill