Middleton Lakes Sun 30 Dec 2018

I hope you all had a good Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

My last visit to Middleton Lakes for 2018, it was very quiet from a wildlife perspective, though there were a lot of folk out walking off the Christmas food and drink, along with a couple of people trying out their new Christmas pressies, in the form of scopes and cameras.

The guy with the scope seemed to know what he was doing, while the lass with her Canon 4000 was struggling to find the best way to use it, so I took pity on her and explained the functions and basically where and when to use them. I also encouraged her to use the viewfinder rather than struggle to use the nice sized LCD screen, which she found beneficial, not just to see clearer the subject and surroundings, but also holding the camera was easier.

Normally Middleton Lakes is teeming with tits, robins and nuthatches itching to take any food they can get in their little beaks, but not this time!

They must have been harbouring festive hangovers!

Anyway, after a little persuasion with meal worms and suet pellets, the blue and great tits made an appearance, along with a robin, just the one, which allowed the lass to try out her new camera in TV setting (TV = time value/shutter setting), along with choosing the TTL sensors (rather than chancing all) and with the coaching to pre-empt the shot by pre-autofocusing, gave her some brilliant photos.

She even had a try with my Sigma 150-600, and was immediately impressed with the results. I think a trip to the bank the photo shop is on the cards judging by how elated she was with the results.

Anyway, less of the events and her are some of the photos from the day.

A heron in hiding

A grateful robin

Greylag Geese in flight

Cormorant in flight

Shoveler duck, of which there were quite a few

Tufted Duck

Mute Swan taken in the light of the setting sun, hence the yellowish tint on the otherwise white plumage...

There are a few more from the day in my Flickr December and RSPB Middleton Lakes albums.


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