7 Animals Who Belong to Their Partners Forever

There aren’t that many animals who can show us what being faithful truly means. Only around 3-5% of them have one partner for their whole life. And some couples even have their own relationship traditions that are the purest display of their devotion to each other.

We found 7 animals who mate for better or for worse and who set an example for all of us.

1. Sun conures choose their partners at around 4-5 months old.

These small parrots live in the northeastern part of South America. They are very social and live together in flocks, communicating in high-pitch voices. Before getting into a serious relationship, they start by feeding and grooming each other.

2. Grey-crowned cranes have a special wedding ceremony.

These birds that live in Uganda take their relationship very seriously. To show their commitment, 2 young partners dance with each other in front of the flock before they move away to nest.READ MORE...!!!