Ospreys on the Exe Estuary.

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    Derek C said:
    I'm very busy at the mo' getting ready for our Round the World tour of the UK. Julie and I are taking off for a 12 months tour to see our wonderful Island and wildlife.

    Wow, Derek, that sounds like quite an adventure. How are you travelling and living - caravan, campervan?  When you get started you ought to start a thread to report your sightings for us stay-at-homes - if you have time and access to the internet of course. No pressure !!!



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    Derek C said:

    I'm very busy at the mo' getting ready for our Round the World tour of the UK. Julie and I are taking off for a 12 months tour to see our wonderful Island and wildlife. We head East in 10 days time. Tenants in and off we go. Will be interesting!!??. Will post anything interesting we see, may need guidance from this forum to.



    I'm with TJ and very jealous of this and looking forward to seeing your reply to his questions of how you are doing it. Keep us posted.




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    Hi TJ, well Julie and I have talked about doing this for a very long time and finally said if we don't do it now we'll never do it! We have rented our house out and as from 17th September we are homeless!! well not we have a home on wheels our caravan will be our home for 12 months but should the winter be unkind to us then B & B, winter rental or call in some favours will be on the cards!!. We have had great holidays abroad and not focused on the UK so we will this next 12 months. I thought about a thread so now i know you and Bob will read it I just might start one. Any suggestions as a heading? Unfortunately we won't start our travels for at least three weeks as a funeral beckons. We will be heading for Sussex then back to Devon for two weeks in November then off again til Christmas. We really don't know but being free spirits we can come and go as we please.... I'll keep you posted how we get on. Julie did mention a month on Mull next Summer now that would be a hardship wouldn't it??!! Speak soon D  

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    Hi Derek

    "Derek and Julies 12 month UK Tour in a Caravan"


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    When you get to Sussex I would gladly meet up and show around some of my favourite spots, the wife and I are dead envious its something we have always talked about doing one day.

    Regards Shane


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    The osprey looks like a juvenile - I'm sure the feathers are tipped with white.

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    Thanks Kate

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    Hi Limpy the six reported Wednesday seamed like a family group with possible 4 juveniles amongst the sightings, apparently there were up to 10 Ospreys on the Exe Estuary yesterday quite an amazing number. More reports across Devon reporting birds, 2 on the River Dart, with other birds on River Teign, Taw Torridge Estuary in North Devon but maybe a few birds being seen twice as its not to far as the crow or even an Osprey flies to get across the county. I hope to get out this afternoon as the Tide drops away and the weather improved as we have heavy showers and very poor vis this morning.  

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    Hi Derek

    Are you going by Motorhome or caravan?

    A mate was telling me the other day about a couple he knew that was spending the school holidays travelling by motorhome and they had an app on their phone(i think) that told them which pubs allowed a stopover in the carpark so long as you had a meal in the pub.

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    Sounds good to me Alan, its a caravan we have and some Pub car parks can be a bit rough and very small, not ideal for a large caravan and car to manoeuvre in. We always check out the nearest pub try the food and free wifi download the photos send a few off and catch up with the family and friends in various ways. After a days walking cycling or touring its just the ticket to have a pint and  a pie to finish off the day. Just hope the weather is favourable however we will have to manage whatever comes our way. Looking forward to walking the coast, checking out historical places, local history and wildlife sites and reserves on our tour.