Ospreys on the Exe Estuary.

Approximately 6 Ospreys reported active over the Exe estuary today - I myself saw 3 in the air at the same time early this afternoon but they were very distant and the light was poor - obviously i took record shots but was able to bin them as later in the afternoon I changed my location and managed better shots in the good light we had early evening- still quite distant but not as far as the earlier ones.

Osprey and Black tailed Godwit flock that it had just scared to death!

Closer next time with a bit of luck.

Mustn't forget this special bird which flew up the estuary.




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  • Lovely set of shots Bob in an area we know very well, both you and Derek did well thank you also for sharing.

    Regards Shane


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    Great that you got to see the Ospreys as they start their migration to warmer climes.    Lovely photos of them and I especially like the Spitfire ?


    Regards, Hazel 

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    Congratulations on the Ospreys but I'm green with envy, Bob!

    Kind regards, 


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    Stunning shots Bob well caught I especially like the fifth one.

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    Great captures, Bob. Good to see them before they start the long journey south.



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    Thanks all -I think this Osprey is an unringed adult - 2 dives and it took a fish and was gone. The ones I had seen earlier in poorer light were possibly juveniles according to the guys with scopes - certainly they were doing a lot more dives and coming away with no fish.




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    Brilliant Bob, I am down on South Dartmoor, and if lucky may hear them going further south, I wonder if they will look in on the new nest at Fowey?


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    Well done Bob, West side of the Estuary looked best to get closer to them. They may hang around for a day or two. Plenty to catch by the looks of things. The Exe hold  large Shoals of Grey Mullet and an odd early Sea Trout and Salmon with a Bass for good measure. Really fantastic to see these birds passing thro'. I'm very busy at the mo' getting ready for our Round the World tour of the UK. Julie and I are taking off for a 12 months tour to see our wonderful Island and wildlife. We head East in 10 days time. Tenants in and off we go. Will be interesting!!??. Will post anything interesting we see, may need guidance from this forum to.



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    Fantastic set Bob! How close were they? I will be following the action, we are tied up at present but if they stay a bit longer we will venture the four hour drive early next week to see them!

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    Marina P said:

    Fantastic set Bob! How close were they? I will be following the action, we are tied up at present but if they stay a bit longer we will venture the four hour drive early next week to see them!

    Quite distant, but it depends where you choose to locate yourself and then where they decide to fish - its a big estuary -:). This is the full frame of one of the above shots and is probably about the closest they got to me, though these were a lot closer than the ones I saw in the morning.  This is 700mm on a crop sensor camera.


    Keep a check as to whether they are still there too - there is a festival on at Powderham castle this weekend and I have no idea how that will affect the wildlife but it will make parking in some of the more interesting areas a little more difficult. If you want any more info pm me and I can let you know where I took these from.

    You might want to keep an eye out for the one at Noahs Pool at Shapwick Heath -, that should have good views if its still there as the dead tree they eat on is  quite close. Yo can then check out the rest of the Heath and Ham Wall.




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