Peregrine Falcon in Hemel Hempstead?



  • So it is. Looks like he might be in the team for tonight's match. Great bird to see up close. They are increasingly taking to city life.



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  • Lol...

    Is it rare/unusual to find one in Hemel?

    Crash landed on my terrace, and took about 10 minutes to work out that it couldn't fly through glass!!! Kindly left me its Supper....a dead fledgling Thrush...

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    I've seen one flying up the road towards Jarman Park once, and the Herts Bird club have had reports of them on the 'old BT building' in the past. I always keep an eye out for them when I pass through Hemel ,  but what a great view you had!


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    Thanks for the replies. Yes, I was about 5 metres away..beautiful.

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    Amazing!  I also live in Hemel (just behind that big red building incidentally!) and I have caught fleeting glances of a peregrine on occasion in this area - never had this good a view though!  Next time I'm driving across the magic roundabout I'll keep a look out for it - or on second thoughts, perhaps I should keep both eyes on the road when travelling across that death trap!  Nice to know there's one back in the area - I don't think I've seen one in Hemel since last summer, it was soaring over the roundabout.  Thanks so much for sharing!    


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    Hi there, just seen this, great shots & great sighting. I have been recording a Female Peregrine over the last few years, it winters from about October until April each year for the last 4 Winters on the old BT building East of the roundabout (you'd be able to see it from there, just out of shot to right in 1st pic). Your bird is a different, darker Female so that's a great record. There is a Male that winters somewhere in the Hemel area, as well as a huge possible Saker hybrid, bigger than these females, seen as a juv. last Winter & even being mobbed by the usual wintering bird over Corner Hall. Our usual bird is paler grey above & has a pink colour ring on her right leg reading CX. If you search about on my blog there are lots of posts & info, the usual wintering Female has returned already & you can see directions of where to view it from on my blog here (post from last year)...

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    Worth mentioning I'm not really 100% sure this is a Female, it just looks quite big compared to those footballs!

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    Hi guys, I'm also from Hemel and have heard a lot about these Peregrines, but never had the chance to see one. There was an article about it in the local paper last year, but all of the photos were of Sparrowhawks... I know someone that lives in the old Kodak building (not sure what they're calling it now), and they've seen Peregrines there before as well, but how lovely to have it on your balcony! Glad you managed to free it :) They should put up nest boxes with cameras somewhere on the roof, would be amazing to see if they breed.

    Didn't realise our regular was ringed, and didn't realise there were many birders in Hemel! Are any of you ringers? I'm looking for a group to join over winter but can't find one :(

    Home again, home again.

    Check it:

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    Hi Sarah.

    The Peregrines nest on top of the BT Building on the opposite corner of the magic roundabout. There is currently a pair there. A friend and I were photographing them a few weeks ago.

    I think the council have tried to get the ok to put up a camera ok the roof of the building but are finding it difficult to get the ok from BT
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