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    The more I listen to a scops call, the more I suspect cefn-y-erw. (Also known as wales monkey and ape sanctuary)


    Its certainly close enough for monkey calls to be heard.


    cant hear anything from Cefn-y-Erw coz i live in a valley and the sound doesn't travel but nice thread of thought tho

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    Theres a limited amount of Eagle Owls in the UK and I am not aware of any in Wales. Scops Owl is very unlikely, even more so than Eagle, and the description doesnt sound like either. Scops are found very very rarely in the Uk (wild). However all Mammal, Amphibian and Bird species that are common in the UK should be discounted before jumping to the rarest conclusion.

    Sorry Michael, just because you are not aware of an eagle owl, doesn't mean it isn't there. Its been loose for six years now and is often seen in maesteg town.

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    WOW ABSOLUTELY BRILL photos mpie i'm soooooooo jealous

    michael i am eliminating amphibians (up a tree) and mamals both myself and my husband are confused over what we heard and we both have enjoyed many years of animal and bird watching. by no means are we experts but we have both lived in the countryside all our lives and we are both in agreement this call is new to us this is in agreement with others in the surrounding farms

  • Did you ever work out what this was? I was in neath area woodland the other day and heard this noise like a duck or goose. Sometimes it sounded like a yappy dog mixed with a goose. Then I saw a bird of prey land on the top of a tall thin tree and do the exact call I'd been hearing earlier on the walk. It flew off to look over the river then landed back on the same tree and did the same call again. It didn't look right for a buzzard and the call wasn't right for what I've seen on YouTube etc. It was dark almost black, probably the size of a buzzard and the hooked bill was almost black. It looked like an eagle and a buzzard in ways, but can't have been an eagle if they are not in Wales, but the call wasn't right for a buzzard from what I've seen online so far and it was way darker than any buzzard I've ever seen. Any ideas? It is annoying me !!
  • Hello taffy.
    I've not listened to the various links as I'm fairly familiar with Scops Owls from my travels and would have said that they're beepers rather than honkers.

    Ruddy Shelduck, perhaps?

    All the best -
    Dave ('half Welsh', kind of thing)