Can anyone ID this?

Hi there

While weeding the front area of our garden this afternoon, we came across this chrysalis

I have placed a 2p coin to show the size.

Another angle

Thank you in advance


Kathy and Dave

  • Just found the link below and it looks like  the same pupae as you have found and it belongs to the Angle Shade Moth hope this helps


  • Brown Pointed Larva Moth Pupa.

    Regards Buzzard

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  • Hi Kathy. I will leave the experts to fight it out over the I.D, but just for interest, when we were growing up we used to call them leatherjackets. Just thought i would share this useless info with you.


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  • In reply to Budgie:

    Leather Jacket  is the Cranefly Larvae, quite a bit different in my experience :-)

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    In reply to Buzzard:

    Thank you everyone for your replies on here

    Just a contast of answers here

    So.... it is a Cranefly.... Buzzard. hmmmm.    It was a large Larve for that me thinks but who am I know as others have spent time working out the species here

    Well done to all {big smile}


    Kathy and Dave

  • I found this picture of crane fly larvea as buzzard says totally different to your Blackbird.

    Every day and I am sure others learn something new every day due to the knowledge of others. My hubby thinks I have learned a lot since I came on here:)

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    Buzzard said:
    Leather Jacket  is the Cranefly Larvae

    True - but "leather jacket" is also used in different parts of the world to describe a number of different grubs / larvae / pupae.  So you are both right!


  • In reply to Badgerbread:

    This is a moth pupa but as for identifying it to species level it's a dificult call as many of our moth species have similar pupae. Angle shades is definitely one to consider and you can look through the range of other species on the link here to the UK Lepidoptera website.

    Edit: the crane fly larvae do look different but this is a pupa and some crane fly pupa do look quite similar to moth pupa. Personally i think its a moth pupa but i'm sure we have some entomologists out there that can offer some pearls of wisdom on how to distinguish crane fly pupae from moth pupae!!!

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  • That's Moth Pupa. We encountered this in our biology class as part of experiment.


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