Little Egret in Rutland???

  • Today we saw an egret on the road between Caldecote and Northill, Bedfordshire.  There was a ditch at the side of the road and he was obviously looking for food.  I had no camera but have seen egrets on the R. Thames so am pretty sure that is what it was.

  • In addition to the egret seen last weekend near Caldecote, Bedfordshire, today we saw one in the gravel workings next to Castle Mill Lock, Bedford.

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    Hi Margot and welcome to the RSPB Forum.  Enjoy yourself here

    Great news about the Little Egrets at Castle Mill lock area

    I see that Castlemill is going through a lot of earthworks upgrades at the moment, and a lot of the water in the nearby waterways has been drained at the moment.  The waterways close to the Sluice are waterless.

    It will be interesting if the water levels rise this spring to accommodate the Common Terns and Grebes that nest there in the waterway next to the sluice works

    A lot of changes for an area that has a lot of  bird life in abundance


    Kathy and Dave