Is this bird male or is it a Female?


do you you know what gender this Blue Tit might be? I done a film of him with my binoculars and   I have taken screenshots from the video of his head in case it helps tell if it’s a male or not

  • AZo, if you hear him singing I think it will be a male as far as I know female Blue Tits do not sing


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  • Very difficult to say from the photos. The male and female have pretty much identical markings/colours apart from the males having slightly brighter colours

    Richard B

  • This Blue Tit was hanging out with the Redpolls. The first day I saw the Redpoll it was on her own and the day after it returned with a flock and visited the tree twice and now they have come back 3rd day in a row. The Blue Tit has probably noticed them and realised that the tree isn’t just a singing spot but a place to look for food cause before he only used the tree as a singing spot rather than seeing it as a food source.  He was pecking at the birch seeds on there so he must of been curious. After he hung out with the Redpolls to look for food he went to the top of the tree and called. I think if its defiantly males and not the  females that call in Blue tits then Its likely to be a male. But I dont know for definite.