A couple more ID's

Can anyone identify these?

I think this one is a chiffchaff

A song thrush?

Sorry they are so dark!

Thanks in advance



  • Here you go Robbo - looks more like a Song Thrush with that breast pattern and the fact that there doesn't seem to be any white to the edges of the tail (even though the angle doesn't help with that to be honest).

    See what you think.

  • In reply to rspbailey:

    The Society should get you on a retainer.

    You don't do vinyl to MP3 transfers do you? ;-)

  • In reply to Dave - CH:

    Ha ha - yes, I do actually!

    I know you're only joking, but the thing with mp3 files is that they are a compressed lossy file and they lose the top end of a wave form reducing the acoustic dynamics leaving a more 'flat' digitised (obviously) sounding file that compromises the original pure recording.

    But send those albums over each wrapped in a £20 note

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    rspbailey said:
    leaving a more 'flat' digitised (obviously) sounding file

    A good description.

    I've... er... "some" experience in the matter.

    You'll accept those twenties that are no longer legal tender, naturally.