Black or Bar-tailed godwit? + unidentified small wader flock

Hello all!

I'd be very grateful if you could confirm whether this waders are black or bar-tailed godwits?



what are these small waders?

Thank you!

  • Hi
    They look like black tailed, and the left hand one of the 2nd pic could be a ruff. In flight I think you have plover, but I'm not sure which. Location of the pics may help :o)
  • Ah thank you for your speedy and very helpful replies!
    I was leaning towards black-tailed, so that's great! Also, I thought that second pic left-hand bird was a redshank so thank you for saying it is a ruff (I'm still learning!).

    Golden plovers! Thank you.

    Sorry should've said--pic taken from the North Norfolk coast.
  • I'm sure PB and Robbo are right the fish scale pattern feathers on back of the Ruff can be a good id point


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