Bird on feeder cam

This bird appeared on my feeder cam this morning, only showed up in the photos. I’m not sure what this is, looks somewhat like a greenfinch but I’m unsure (I used to have greenfinch but they haven’t come back in a while). Thanks 

  • Tough one this Ellis.

    Can I just say that if you enjoy looking at birds via a camera then invest in the best quality you can - the best your budget will allow - because if it's a pastime that you thoroughly enjoy then the investment will pay you back ten fold.

    So, back to the bird in question - the poor quality of the captured image along with all its artefacts and colour mismanagement makes it harder to pick out details and true colouring, but I can see what you're saying about it being a Greenfinch with the bulkier look and large head and dark eye etc but I cannot see any flashes of green or yellow (but that could be me).

    What I can see is a flash of white (but that could be down to the cameras interpretation of its colour settings and the available light) and head markings akin to a female Chaffinch.

    So I can see elements of both birds, but I cannot safely say which one - so if anyone would like to offer Ellis another interpretation of this image then we might get closer to what it is.

    I do know people enjoy keeping garden lists and feeder lists so it can be important to an individual - as well as good for bird records overall.
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    Thanks for the help, the image is heavily cropped so it’s not the best quality obviously. However, I don’t have stacks of money to spend on a camera so I just use what I can afford (this trail camera cost me £100)
  • Afternoon Ellis.
    Very hard to say. Just like life (sometimes), it's "all a blur". (Tail shape doesn't look very Greenfichy to me though.)

    The important thing, I think, is not to be put off.

    Not so long ago, people were observing birds without the help of binoculars (imagine!) And just a few years ago, having a trail cam (any trail cam) would have given you a foot in on a PhD at a redbrick. ;-)

    All the best -
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    Yeah the tail was what confused me too. I’ll have to keep my eye out over the next few days. Thanks for the advice :)
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    Let us know what you see, Ellis.

    Here, we've only had a few Greenfinches passing through the garden these last few months. Brief sitting at the tops of tall trees.

    But we're expecting them back in around another month and a half (that would be usual). I'll be listening out for them.

    All the best -
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    I had my first greenfinch around September, which visited initially on its own but invited the male too. These both came daily until the end of November, when they both just vanished completely. It’d be nice to see one again as they’re charming to watch. I’ll let you know anyway. Thanks :)
  • I immediately though Greenfinch, and after a closer look I'll stick with that ID.

    Richard B

  • Have looked at top pic on my tablet with brilliance cranked up & there is a great deal of smooth green on the bird with no sparrow type feather variations, just a pity that I can't capture & post what I see!


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    The green was what made me think it was a greenfinch. It’s a lot of fun to film the feeder, especially when you get something new, it’s quite exciting to check it after a leaving it out all day
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    Probably was a greenfinch, they seem to have returned as of this morning. Didn’t stay for long as a newly arrived sparrowhawk turned up for a bit of brunch