Passing visitor?

  • Looks a lot like a whitethroat to me but the eye stripe is throwing me. I even had a muddle through my shrikes in case I'm wrong XD

    Whitethroats are known willow warblers so it would make sense.
  • Yes, as Robbo says - the bird is upside down in that photo.

    The darker 'mask' is a notable marker for a Lesser.
  • Hi David,   What a lovely bird to have visit your garden and I agree with Rob that it is an Lesser Whitethroat which is pointing downwards;   to help I have added a photo of one I took a few years ago ......

    not the best of photos but enough I think to give you the overall impression 


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

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    Thanks Hazel, nice picture of a lesser whitethroat! I have seen a whitethroat before (near Dornoch in springtime) but lesser whitethroat is new to me.
    They were active birds and indeed were often upside down among the branches. I think we had them for a few hours and now they are gone. Thanks for your help. :)
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    I also thought shrike but size more like lesser whitethroat. Seems quite far north for this time of year. Thanks for your help :)
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    Thanks for your help. I'm glad I had the camera at hand though my photography isn't too good and my windows need cleaned! Lesser whitethroat is a new spot for me. They were very active and stayed around a few hours but are now gone.
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    A nice find in the garden David, I am over at the other side of Caithness, several miles west of Thurso and have never had them here.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    Thanks for the info! We had only ever had very faint striped or not at all so I looked it up online after you said this and lo and behold there are big populations known to have a distinct stripe. So cool!