Poo Dunnit?

Hoping for some poo identification assistance...

We found a lot of these droppings on our patio. Some are well formed like in the picture, others are runny. They look like whatever deposited them had been munching on berries  as they all have a blue/purple tinge. 

I don't think rat as they aren't tapered at the end. We do get the odd grey squirrel coming through. They are spread out far an wide which makes me wonder if it was actually a bird.

  • I'm veering towards bird, I think. Can you smell anything (without getting too close)? Something that's been on the blackberries and sloes anyway, maybe a blackbird?
  • No, not smelly at all, which would rule out foxes or rats. No idea whether squirrel poop smells! I think what ever it is has been eating the elderberries in my neighbours garden. Possibly wood pigeon rather than blackbird judging by the size of the droppings. We get a few wood pigeons walking about on our patio, pecking at insects on the ground.