Bird ID: Willow Warbler or something else?

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    My edition of Collins (BTO guide to BB) says

    "...primary feathers project further,relative to exposed length of tertials (primary projection is equal to exposed tertials).

    "Has a shorter primary projection than Willow Warbler (equal to two-thirds of exposed tertials).

    Perhaps somebody should have asked it for quick verbal rendition,
  • 1st winter Willow Warbler for me.

    Slim, “willowy” shape; all-yellow underparts; prominent dark stripe through eye contrasting nicely with bright eyebrow stripe, grey ring under eye with paler interior, fairly substantial bill with much yellow on lower mandible. Primary projection maybe a bit short and legs dark for WW but neither bothers me.
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    Well that tips the balance 4-3 in favour of Willow Warbler lol