Bright yellow bird in North Devon

Spotted this bird on the coast in North Devon. Quite brilliant colours - yellow back and neck with black front and face. It’s a small bird - we were thinking some sort of finch. Couldn’t find anything like it on the internet. Thinking it might be foreign - blown in by the storm. Any help would be much appreciated. 

  • Possibly a golden oriole from some google searches quite rare in Britain as only seen while migrating from its winter area in North Africa (sorry if I’m wrong I am new to birdwatching and my information is mainly from google serches lol )
  • In reply to Flick:

    We had a look at orioles as they do look similar to this bird but I think they’re all too large. This bird was much smaller. Thanks for the help though
  • We now believe it to be a yellow-crowned bishop. There was one spotted in Dorset summer 2019 which they assumed had escaped from a local aviary. Could be the same bird, possibly. Either way, very pleasant surprise to come across in the wild in Devon.