Can anyone help with this bird call?

I'm assuming it's a bird, we're currently very far north and for the past hour have been hearing this: it's quiet but a high pitched sound.

Can anyone let us know what it is? Be much appreciated. 

  • Like nothing I've heard Kay.
    Far north in the UK?
    And what's the terrain like (might help other Community members makes suggestions)?

  • Hi dave

    Near John o groats in the Scottish Highlands. We are in the middle of some marshland with spotted forests. The garden itself is dense trees.

    I have sent to my dad to, the bird man, so hopefully he'll get back soon with a suggestion.

    Thanks kay
  • Hi Kay,
    Thanks for the update.

    Still clueless, I'm afraid. But your update has bumped your post up in the queue, so perhaps you'll now get some suggestions.

  • Hi Dave,

    Update from the bird whisperer, a baby long eared owl :

    This is definitely what we're hearing. How exciting!

    Thank you for the help anyway, fingers crossed we might get a chance to see them before we leave.

  • In reply to KayHug:

    KayHug said:
    How exciting!

    Isn't it just?

    Following a bat colony count last year, the biologist who was training us took us down to listen to a group of three Long-eared Owls roosting in a tree at the edge of the village.

    These three were almost "tok"ing by then, and were a bit less squeaky/wheezy.

    I'm thrilled for you. Good luck with catching a glimpse.

    All the best - 


  • In reply to Dave - CH:

    Thank you.

    How lucky, I love bat's. I'm hoping our luck continues with the birds, we stumped on an osprey nest with two young, made the trip!