Not much to go on (from Tuscany), but...


Not much to go on, I know. But the photo and video were taken in the last few days (I believe) by friends.

Location: rooftop terrace above a hilltop Tuscan town.

Normal to see there this time of year: the odd tit, Blue Rock Thrush, Choughs, and about 2,000 Common Swifts (which you can hear in the background of the video).

Any thoughts anyone?

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  • Dave - CH said:
    Not much to go on, I know.

    You're not wrong there, Dave. 

    It seems to have a thick heavy bill which reminds me of a lark (Short-toed?) or a bunting (Corn). Not somewhere I would expect to see either of those species. Apart from that - not a clue. Sorry.



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    TeeJay said:
    You're not wrong there, Dave. 

    A rare occurrence...

    We also wondered about larks and buntings. But yes, a roofscape doesn't really suggest that does it.

    We live in hope that someone will come along and say, "Well of course, it's a..."

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  • Calandra Lark IMO, juvenile I think.
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    Mr. B said:
    Calandra Lark IMO

    Thank you Mr. B!

    I'll run that by the local breeding atlas verifier, and come back with his opinion. 

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  • So, the video and photos have now done the rounds in Tuscany.

    The consensus is no to a Calandra Lark unfortunately. It seems that breeding sites are all very well known, and highly localized.

    But, no consensus on what it might be.

    I say "it", although I hear that there are now two. Our friends are trying for better video/photos.

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  • European Roller?

    The light - and its direction - and the quality of the video can affect patterns and colours.
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    rspbailey said:
    European Roller?

    Not one of the candidate birds from our Tuscan buddies, but an interesting call RSPBailey. And we've seen Rollers a matter of a few miles away, but down on the plain in their more usual territory.

    Fingers crossed for better snaps, eh?

    (And bet it turns out to be a flycatcher...) (in fancy dress.)