Willow Warbler?

It looks like a Willow Warbler to me, and I can't think what else it can be, but it wasn't behaving like any Willow Warbler I've ever seen.  It was about 300m - 400m away from the nearest trees/bushes, and making its way along the path, flitting up into the weeds and then back down onto the path.  I followed it for quite some distance.

  • Certainly looks like a willow warbler in those photos. Last year, I did have one on the garage roof. It was popping off it, up into the adjacent hedge to pick off whatever it could before returning onto the flat roof. Wasn't something I have seen before.
  • We have been watching a Willow Warbler doing similar antics this afternoon on a local reserve. I was flitting in front of us along the path and jumping up to the vegetation and down again. When we looked at the vegetation there were a number of small caterpillars under the leaves so we decided that the bird was feeding on them. Further down the path both a Blackbird and Song Thrush were feeding on Toadlets that were hopping over the path. It must have been the day for different diets for the birds


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • Thank you both.

    (I do wish birds would read the bird books and behave as they're supposed to, not go around baffling the easily-confused!)