Can anyone identify this visitor to my garden.  To begin with I thought it a stock dove but it is grey all over with a dark beak and legs.  It does graze on seed heads and seeds from under the bird table.  Could it just be a melanistic stock dove but it also seems to have a slightly down-curved beak?  It is very unconcerned and stays around all day even with the comings and going of dogs, cats and people.

  • Can't really help but, as you say, it looks like a dark-coloured stock dove pigeon like bird - I don't think the beak is anything to worry about though.
  • it might be a feral pigeon.
    You get some completely white ones and almost black feral pigeons there is a very wide colour range for them.
  • Lapwing could be right about it being a feral pigeon but usually they show dark wing bars and they do not seem to show here but it is probably the best bet


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