Another Pipit?


Also on coast in NW Scotland. Quite big, could it be a Tawny Pipit?

  • Looks like a meadow pipit to me
  • Looks like a Meadow Pipit to me, Tawny Pipts are quite rare especially in the North of Scotland


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  • Just had to look up a tawny pipit as I didn't know what they look like, but seems to me they don't have such extensive streaking on the tummy. I'd agree with the earlier answers, meadow pipit looks right. Streaky chest and sides, that sort of 2-barred layered wing pattern, and an eyebrow and under-eye stripe that I always think looks a bit like a faded redwing face.
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    Tawny Pipits look like pale grey brown yellow wagtails with pale legs


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