Hello, saw a bird today that I really think was a Raven, but I’ve never seen one around my area before. It was a big black bird, just bigger than the size of a small crow, which is why I initially thought it was a crow. However, it flew upwards (about double the height of a house) and proceeded to do a semi-backflip mid air by fully leaning backwards. When it leant backwards, it produced a raven style croak, definitely not a crow style caw. This is why I am confused as the size would suggest a crow but the actions a raven, any ideas are welcome. Thanks, Ellis

  • Very hard to do i.d's from descriptions, esp when size is involved, and more esp if it was high up, flying about. If it wasn't bigger than a crow, it isn't a raven. Rooks can make various noises, as can crows. You took pretty decent photos of swifts a few days ago to help confirm them. If it was a raven, it's likely to be about again.
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    It flew by pretty quickly and I didn’t have my phone on me, but I’ll be on the lookout for it again so I can take a photo next time. Thanks for the help anyway
  • They are often very helpful re photo opportunities (easier for me to type than actually get photos of!). Regularly, they're so high up that it takes ages for them to 'pass by' even travelling quickly.
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    This a raven? Didn’t really look like a buzzard but was good at soaring 

  • Still on small screen, but I don't reckon it is. Looks similar to the bird in one of your other threads.Will look again tomorrow if no one else can I.d.
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    Totally forgot about this, didn’t mean to put it twice. I was unsure who’d reply first. Thanks anyway