Male or female?

I can't tell if this is a male or female Starling! I googled but got conflicting results. They have become a daily visitor for suet and mealworms, and I tend to name my resident nestees and regular guests so I would really like to know. Thanks in advance!

  • Male. Which websites are suggesting it's a female?
  • Hi L.J.
    It's a male Starling. During the breeding season they have a blue tinge at the base of their bills as in your photo.
    The females have a pink tinge which is quite a handy way of distinguishing between them.
    Not just as clear during non-breeding times where the colours tend to fade a bit.

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  • Thanks, one site mentioned female's having lemon yellow beaks in summer which threw me. I started to question if that was really a blue tinge or just my camera's interpretation as it was low light conditions lol. (You know how it is when you stare at something too long and need fresh eyes )

    Thanks so much!