Is this a sparrowhawk or peregrine (or something else?)

Hello, whilst on my way to work, I saw a dark grey/blue bird of prey in a tree on the road. I didn’t get to see much of it, but it was pretty dark and around a large pigeon size. This immediately made me think it was a peregrine but I’m unsure if it was. I also know that sparrowhawks can look dark, so it’s between these two. I know there’s not much but I’ll list everything so someone can help decide. I know there’s definitely both in my area. 

Location: Outskirts of village on border of field. Perching in medium sized tree next to road. Around 8:30AM

Colour: Dark grey/blue slate colour, couldn’t see much else 

Size: Large pigeon or small duck 

Any ideas are appreciated,

Thanks, Ellis 

  • More than 9/10 birds of prey in trees next to the road in most of the UK (if not all of UK) are buzzards. You've said it was "large pigeon" size. You also said it was next to a field as well as the road, and that the bird was dark.

    I think the "grey" might be a misjudgement?

    Hard to get anything to fit the details better than buzzard.

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    I’m not sure still, it didn’t look very buzzard like. I saw it in bright light and I definitely saw blue/grey which is why I thought a sparrowhawk. It was above in the tree near to the road, but want directly in the road. Appreciate the help anyway. Thanks, Ellis
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    It was like a dark coloured kestrel size
  • Is there a Church or quarry nearby where Peregrines nest?
    If the colour you saw is correct it could have been a Peregrine.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    I live near lots and lots of quarries and old coal pits so maybe there could be nests there. I went into EBird, there’s a nature reserve nearby to where I saw it and peregrines have been spotted before.