Is this a Woodlark?

Hello. I heard this bird singing beautifully in a tall deciduous tree top a few days ago in Richmond Park. I managed to take these photos - not as good as I would have liked, but from the shape of the wing, the size, the fact it was singing whilst perched, led me to think it was a woodlark. However, they are not common. Does anyone have any views?

  • No. Top photo, without zooming in, looks like a mistle thrush. Zoom in on either photo doesn't really confirm it for me. Might need photo software if you can improve it, esp lighting.
  • As Robbo says top bird is almost certainly a Mistle Thrush I wouldn't like to say on the other photo.


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  • Hi- visible undertail pattern rules out Woodlark-

    Mistle looks likely


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