What bird is this?

  • Hilarious! Of course i saw it, the whoosh was taking the p. I obviously touched a nerve, or you just don't get it. Perhaps if you didn't claim that you made statements that you didn't really, you wouldn't leave yourself open/look silly. Not hard is it?
  • I mightn't have mentioned shadows in my original post - a genuine mistake on my behalf but I thought most people would understand that that is what I was talking about - but that alone does not deserve an immature comment from you.

    And it seems I am the one who has touched a nerve as you seem really flustered.

    But please, save what little self-respect you have left and leave this discussion to the grown-ups.

    It's embarrassing for you.
  • No, we all understood you were talking about buds in front of the birds head that don't exist, which on reflection you clearly are embarrassed about and are seeking to deflect. Your lack of maturity in dealing with comments you didn't make, and things you saw which aren't there is funny for five minutes, that's all.
  • You really are an oddball character aren't you - and you seem to have a problem with me too, which is concerning.

    And what I'm truly embarrassed about is you.

    The buds were in front of the bird's head/face as the shadows prove that - I wasn't saying that they were right in front of the face - just as the branch was in front of the bird - again, not right in front but in front as in the way to cause the light to cast a shadow of the buds onto the bird's face as they 'were in front of the bird'. I even uploaded a graphic showing what I meant.

    But I'm wasting my breath here as, for something so unimportant but maybe really important in your sad little life, you seem to have gotten on your high horse about it and it's really upset you and spoiled your day.

    But this has gone on long enough and I am bored of this conversation now - just as I am bored of what you have to say.

    So I'll be the bigger person - that's easy enough with you as an opponent - and I'll leave this discussion as I have nothing more to add nor any more need to justify my comments.

    And I'm sure we've entertained the masses for long enough too.

    So I will give you free reign to say whatever you want in reply no matter how inane, as I will neither read what you have to say nor care about it.

    There are more important things in a person's life - just maybe not in yours.
  • I do wish people would not carry out these stupid arguments out on this forum, it happened a while ago and ended up with people leaving the forum.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • Hi

    it ended at least once with people being banned- it isn't worth the hassle:

    S agreeing with Seaman as usual :)

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