Goldfinch without a red face. Looks like an adult bird. Not seen one without red face before ! Anyone else seen any like this ?

  • i own a european goldfinch (yes he is legal he came from a breeder and his owner sadly passed away so he was given to me and im in malta) i've owned him for 5 years and don't really know how old he is because im not his first owner but i noticed lately he is moulting and the feathers are turning orange yellowish instead of red. maybe it could be of old age dont know yet. the exotic vet i work with has 4 of them in her garden aviary and i might ask her next monday on it maybe she knows something
  • Now that is something I can believe.....thanks for posting. Seems as good a theory as any I've heard.
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    That's interesting Miguel maybe the avian equivalent of us oldies getting grey hair and I've got plenty of that


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • Found this via Google - - especially the part dealing with xanthochroism.
  • I wonder how xanthochroism gets measured, in terms of what comes first and how is it proved? Some birds, like great tits, are meant to get drabber as they get old. I'm open minded on it being a condition or age related.