Group of yellow birds?


I was swimming in a river (adjacent to woodland and farmland) and above in the trees there were small birds which were brownish on top and bright yellow tummies. They were about the size of Robin or a little larger. There were about 10-15 of them.

Robins and bluetits were also in the area but not in the trees with them.

Poor quality photos but can anyone help?

Had Yellowhammer or Siskin suggested?

Many thanks

  • Hi there, I would say they are siskins, lovely little birds belonging to the finch family so seed eaters feeding on trees like alder, larch, conifer, spruce, etc..


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  • All Siskins as far as I can make out. They love eating seeds from these sort of trees (Alder possibly) and are very adept at hanging on upside down if necessary. I don't think you would find Yellowhammers behaving like this.

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  • Siskins for me too

    Richard B