Raptor ID (from a description only)

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    Dave - CH said:
    coup attempts

    Pigeon impersonators are NOT allowed!

  • Well, I guess I'll give this one another day, and then decide that we saw two birds and not one.
  • So, 't'will remain a mystery.

    It's entirely possible that we saw two separate species.

    The white cheek and streaked torso could, perhaps, have been a Peregrine. But we wouldn't, personally, have said so.

    The "commuter" may well have been an owl of some description, although, having watched a number of videos (including from the BTO) I'm not entirely convinced. The little I've seen, owl flight appears to be fairly stiff-winged, while "our" mystery bird's wings were very flexible, with a lot of hand action, particularly in the down stroke.

    Impossible to check, say, a Long-Eared Owl as a possible candidate, as sightings (here) are hidden all year round.

    Probably a sparrow. And a trick of the light.

    Thanks, all, for your patience and input.

    Off to do some Dipper hunting.