Bird of Prey ID

Hi all.

Just wondering if anyone can id this bird, not sure its a buzzard but I'm not an expert!


  • Hi James,     how interesting to see this wing tagged raptor but will need one of our experts on here to advise on this one.    Seems the code is not 100% legible.    There have been previous studies with wing-tagged Buzzards and Kites but can't find out any info yet about a white tagged raptor with black lettering so far.  

       Other option is to send your photo and report the bird tag to the British Trust for Ornithology via     and they will be able to give you more info on type of bird, etc.    

    What part of the country are you in James as that may help and when was the photo taken ?  



    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Hi Hazel. Thank you for your reply. I'm in Stirlingshire We have a few buzzards around but never seen one with tags!

    I'll send it to that email address too!
  • There have been various studies done in Scotland and on Isle of White, etc., with wing tagged birds such as kites, buzzards, white-tailed Eagle, ., I'm still googling about it !! Hopefully one of the more experienced members of this forum will see this and provide the relevant information., I'm intrigued !! Lovely photo by the way.

    Maybe contact the Scottish Raptor Study Group   


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • It is very dark for a buzzard.

    I found a Buzzard survey from Germany that uses white wing tags with a 2 alphanumeric code in black HERE

    There was also a Black Kite one in Spain.

    From the BTO website via Euring

    Find a colour-ring project | cr-birding (


    Nige   Flickr

  • Thanks guys. The plot thickens..
  • Its strange because it isn't scared of people. And seems to be very clumsy when it flys.
    I think its either young or not very healthy. Would be nice to know who to call!
  • Did you send the photo to the German study mentioned by Nigel O? That tag looks as if it may have read P7 originally, but appears to have been damaged in some way, as it's asymmetrical. (Not that I know anything about tagging; it just doesn't look right.)
  • In reply to LesleyL:

    LesleyL said:
    looks as if it may have read P7 originally

    I would agree with LesleyL. Looks like wear on the tag (I too know nothing about tagging). 

  • It may be worth contacting the Southern Colour Ringing Group via there web pages. Looking at the 7 on this tag I doubt it is of German origin as I think they have a 7 with a cross bar.


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  • Hi

    it's certainly a Common Buzzard anyway :)


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