Can anyone help identify the bird? Ignore the sheep!

Dear all,

Can anyone please help me identify the bird in the enclosed clip? None of my contacts are able to help so I thought that I would try the experts! Please ignore my sheep trying to get into the act and the sound of the camera zoom lens, which failed miserably to get a picture of the bird - but I can say that it is about the size of a crow/rook. FYI we live in the south of England in the countryside

  • While we wait for the experts to come along, GSD4ME, I'd say that the call is (for me) so far in the background that there may, in accoustic terms, be elements of it "missing".

    It resembles a pumping sound that local Crows make here (which other posters have, in the past, confessed that they've never heard (local Crow dialect, perhaps)).

    You say "about the size of a crow/rook". Any other features you can share?

    Best regards -
  • Hi

    I could only hear some corvid-type noises in the distance- maybe Carrion Crow or Jackdaw


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