Hi. Can anyone please identify this nest which is in my daughters loft. It’s huge, about 4ft square.

There is an open window in the attic which they weren’t aware of. They live in an old Victorian house and couldn’t see the window from the ground! 

  • Hello Kay, are you able to add a picture? If you can to do this, once you have it stored on your computer, phone , iPad, wherever you are going to pick it up from, click use rich formatting over beside the reply box, then click the little TV type icon, that will let you pick where you have the photo stored, it will then show in the bigger box, you can change the size if you want by putting 500 in the first box, then post. You can do this on your original post by clicking more, then edit, scroll down a bit and that will take you to the same place to post the picture.

    My thinking is a wasps nest.

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    Hi there. Thank you so much. Here is the picture:
  • Well done on getting the photo on Kay, I was thinking Wasp like CL until that photo LOL.
    My guess would be a Corvid, maybe Jackdaw or Magpie.
    Are there any feathers around the nest that may ID the bird?

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    Thank you Alan. Not that they can see. There is also a mouse/ bat / Squirrel issue too so they will have to call pest controllers and the council to deal with that! I was wondering if an owl would nest like that but our barn owl at home doesn’t have a nest like that.
  • Well done on getting the picture on Kay, something a bit bigger than wasps then! Off to have a Google, will come back in a while. Agree with Alan, Crow, Rook, Raven or could be Pigeon or Collar Dove, but us sure if they would build indoors, but looks like their type of nest.

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  • Squirrel was my other thought and with being inside they would have no reason to put a roof on.
    Do they know anyone with a trail cam that they could put in to see what visitors they get?

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  • What a great idea. I will ask them
  • It looks very much like a Jackdaw nest to me, we had a similar structure removed a couple of years ago when the soffits got replaced. Ours was in the loft space very close to our bed head, much quieter nights now !!


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    Afternoon Kay,

    Mouse, bat, and squirrel?