Hi everyone from a very cold -12 area of the Highlands.  First time on this type of forum so please forgive my English and blethering. Question is, during the first national lockdown we had glorious weather and fed al, the local birds daily and of course continue to do so, we had bucket loads of Siskins and Goldfinch everyday including watching parents with their babies, wonderful.   Sadly our Nyger seed feeders haven’t been touched for weeks, where have they all gone????

  • Hi and welcome from a not so cold -9 central scotland..(well that was last night)...suns oot again the day so temperature is rising a little. Blethering is what we do best on here . As for the answer to your idea lol. I had some visiting siskins in the garden a few weeks ago for a couple of days but havent seen them again since although have had a rise in numbers of all the other finches.

    Am sure somebody else will be along soon to suggest a few reasons

    Anyways welcome aboard

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Hi Linda

    Thanks, plenty of Chaffinch still around, dunnocks etc etc, the usual suspects, just a shame that the wee guys have gone for now. Seen a flock of long tailed tits today, into the feeders, smash and grab the.n they left.
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    well we gotta be thankful for wit we get..Yeah I get the lollipops (LTTS) stopping for a feed several times a day...always a joy to see .

    Their wee cutie faces lol...there is more of them but got several feeders for them to choose from

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Hello Sapper, welcome also from Scotland but further up than you and Linda, in Caithness, at the very top. I have not seen the Siskins for a wee while now but still get the goldfinches coming, as well as a good mix of other garden birds. Not had or ever seen the lovely lollypops, Long Tail Tits. I am sure they will return ro you. Blether is what we do good on here so relax and join in, enjoy.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Given the temperature drop and snow? it's possible that the Siskins and Goldies are moving South. Waiting on the influx with crossed fingers. You will get them back in the late Spring

    Cin J

  • Goldfinches were everywhere along my daily walk (Argyll) until a few weeks ago, and I've only seen them once in the last couple of weeks. Siskins were less numerous, and I've not seen any since autumn. Linnets were plentiful and increased in number - then all vanished. I'm hoping they'll all return in spring.
  • This is a good forum, thanks everyone. P
  • I don't known if it helps but I'm getting 10 to 15 goldfinches everyday and they have almost totally given up on niger seeds, all they want is sunflower hearts!
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    Hi, I’ve got some of those so I’ll give it a go, thanks. P