Bird song


This bird song (from a bird apparently high up in a tree) was heard by a friend at the edge of Linlithgow Loch (central Scotland) this evening just about dusk. Any help with identification gratefully received.

Many thanks


  • At first I thought it could be a Corncrake, but that'd be an extremely long shot so I ruled that out.

    Then I thought it could be a bird mimicking another bird, but again it's most probably not.

    So I'm afraid to say that I feel that it has to be the sound of a tree bending and twisting in the wind and not a bird at all.
  • In reply to rspbailey:

    Thanks for having a listen. I think you must be right - it doesn't sound like any bird call I know either. I wonder if it was perhaps a grey squirrel or, as you say, a tree branch in the wind. Thanks again.