Golden Eagle?

I'm assuming this is a Golden Eagle, because that's what I would expect it to be.  (I've seen them within a few miles of this location, but never in this exact area.)  Can anybody determine from these not-very-good images whether it is a Golden Eagle or a White-tailed Eagle?  There do seem to be some pale feathers in the tail, and the beak seems very yellow, but that might just be an illusion.

  • A bit difficult for me Lesley, maybe someone will be able to lighten the image for you or give you an answer from what you have posted.

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  • I wouldn't claim to be an eagle expert, but for me the large, yellow bill and, if you lighten the image, the white tail feathers do say it is a White-tailed Eagle and not Golden.


    Nige   Flickr

  • Like you Nige, I am no expert either but did think White Tailed Eagle.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I am useless at identities, but found these here on rspb


  • Hi

    bill size and overall body shape says WTE to me



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  • Thank you, everyone.  That's exciting news, as I've only ever seen one before, and that was about twenty years ago.

    I've just been checking the "RSPB Handbook of Scottish Birds" (I was using the Collins guide yesterday) and it says:

    "Flight is Heron-like, with shallow flaps and glides at low levels;"

    When I first caught sight of it, I thought it was a Heron, but I didn't like to say so yesterday.  I felt that being unable to tell a Heron from an Eagle was a sad reflection on my birding skills!

  • Almost certain it is a W T Eagle,lucky you


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