Anyone know what this is?

Seen on a housing estate in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. 

  • According to SEEK, the genus is Asian Francolins but it couldn’t identify the species
  • My inexpert guess would be female or juvenile pheasant but likely way off the mark ... wait for others' comments!


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  • Interesting. I used Google lens of the image on the screen with my phone and it came up with Grey Francolin. However, unless someone is breeding these I think it's much more likely to be a juvenile Pheasant as Wendy suggests.



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  • I agree Game bird of some sort, just looks a little odd for a pheasant


    Cin J

  • Thanks for your answers. We wondered whether it was a juvenile pheasant that had got lost as it was a distance from a usual habitat!
  • Google images shows a Grey Frankolin is very similar

    Richard B

  • We ran one over on the A65 a couple of weeks ago and I wondered what it was then. Out of the hedge and under the wheel with no intervening pause.
  • Hi

    it's not a Ring Necked Pheasant - and it does look quite like a Grey Francolin

    Game birds often escape from places in England and Grey Francolins are offered for sale by breeders


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