Slender, long-beaked bird in my garden

Hi All,

This bird has been in my garden for a couple of weeks...whenever I've spotted it, it's always been on the ground, often hanging around the pet rabbit's outdoor run! It's about 3/4 acre garden, with hedges, trees & shrubs, surrounded on three sides by north Lancashire farmland.

There were a couple of blackbirds feedng in the same area, and this is similar in size, though slighter in build. He/she was not going to be intimidated by the rather territorial blackbirds! There's a noticeable dark patch in front of the eye, and the beak is quite long and slim. This bird spent a lot of time with its head down amongst the abundant clover, selfheal and other "weeds" in my lawn.

I've tried the identification guides, but with no luck. Can anyone help me out?

  • It's a young Starling Eddy they catch a lot of people out.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Well, don't I feel like a fool! Hadn't considered that a juvenile would be so different in appearance from adults, and I hadn't seen any starlings nesting in the garden and hedges.

    Funny thing is, as soon as I'd posted my query this morning I headed outside, and this little bird (or a sibling) was again by the rabbit / guinea pig hutches...this time perched right in an open hutch door. As I approached, it eventually took fright, turned and flew into the hutch! Quickly realising its error, it scrambled back out, over my head and over the roof, and into a nearby tree. It was clear by that stage that it was a youngster...tailfeathers not fully formed and a struggle to gain altitude.

    Thanks for anwering so promptly, and for putting me out of my misery so gently!


  • Here you go Eddy this is how often they are mistaken

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